Friday, February 19, 2010

Vacuum A Frieze Best Vacuum For Frieze Carpet?

Best vacuum for frieze carpet? - vacuum a frieze

I think a gap in my new carpet. The son is high, and some gaps are too difficult to push. I tried the Oreck is terrible for carpet up and also tried the Hoover Wind Tunnel, which is good, but it is still difficult to go as high carpet. Has anyone suggestions for a frieze Running on Empty / Shag Carpet .......... Thanks in advance,,,,


Jenny C said...

Hello, a friend who has bought the pets a Eureka boss Smart VAC Ultra 4870's and they love it. She said she was recommended by a consumer magazine and rated peak at higher prices vacuum. It was trading at 150,00 and cleans the carpet and flooring. A HEPA filter, 8 carpet settings, practical tools and the ability to control suction when using tools. It has no fluff, but believe that the parameters of a conveyor 8, which bear the appropriate framework. Hope this helps. ...

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