Thursday, February 11, 2010

Morrowind Bloodmoon No Cd Can You Play Bloodmoon Without Morrowind?

Can you play bloodmoon without morrowind? - morrowind bloodmoon no cd

I go to my Xbox Morrowind, but much easier to use with the PC. I really want to be a wolf, the consumption and for my birthday, but I fear I have Morrowind for the PC, until I found this expansion pack to help someone please !!!!!!!!! ! !


Anonymous said...

Morrowind Bloodmoon required to play. This is an expansion pack, which usually means you have to play first base. Sorry. It is also generally a good idea (from a standpoint of the game at least) through the main quest of Morrowind Bloodmoon before the content, because the signs of the higher level, and otherwise get crushed.

Incidentally, still regularly watch the GOTY version of Morrowind for Xbox in stores, especially in places like GameStop, etc.. I have not seen a PC version in time. The best way is always a GOTY version of the game to get, because it not only Morrowind and Bloodmoon, but also ... what was the first enlargement. (Mournhold? I do not remember, sorry.) Goes ToThey have also installed all the latest patches already. Good luck!

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