Monday, February 22, 2010

Labs Who Makes Perfumes Why Is Animal Testing Permitted?

Why is animal testing permitted? - labs who makes perfumes

Who the hell wants to die animals in a laboratory? Here's my point, which I wrote about him to tell me what you think ...

Animal experiments are very cruel and horrible. The scientist, who do this are idiots and the mentally ill. Why in the world have been tested on animals to the poor! If you really want to test the things that you are using prisoners. If you are in prison for life, then you will die anyway. To use (I am not cruel, and I've never seen someone who probably beaten by a large rock, but if it something very, very bad ...). However, something needs to be done. Who cares? ... The answer is: EVERYONE! If the earth were not balanced and that no animals would all die. (Not that I will use every time, but still), you would likE, people do not give a shit? ?
If you think your pet is a makes you, by providing a single thought in all creatures that have tried to foster. The opportunities to be back on the shelf. About 1% or less of the population in the world like to see animals suffer! I'm sure if anyone has seen what happens in these labs, you are ready, all these people who take animals turn.
Close your eyes and think what you want one of the animals in the laboratory of those who believe it's become comical. Soon, I laughed. They were in a tiny cell with no windows and poor nutrition. I've done with gloves. Then he put a needle into the neck, or notYou drink or eat a little strange. Or to you in a glass box with a perfume or something, until he suffocated. So, if you do not die, they would be in his little cage, and after a few days of watching you, it is likely to deliberately kill and could open and see what the product.


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