Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pokemon Soul Silver English Patched 2010 Pokemon Soul Silver Patch English Works On Wi-fi?

Pokemon soul silver patch english works on wi-fi? - pokemon soul silver english patched 2010

Who knows when a heart patch pokemon gold / silver soul would work on wifi, but that has changed? thx. If in a flash drive that is WiFi IB to be able to continue or not?


delefran... said...

in sorry, but I do not know what that means that maybe, if I can add more information to explainging answer your question, what is all this? ahah

Neil said...

Depending on your DS's firmware does not depend on the weather, or if you can. DSLinux on your flash cart and report your firmware version, and if you can play online with him or not.

Blackhéc... said...

Yes, patch the game runs on wifi, because I know that the patch

Nicholas said...

Really? Finally they came to this game! Shweet!

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