Sunday, December 20, 2009

Rubber Truck Bed Mats 1998mustangv6 Makes Noise When A/c Off. Sound Cums 4rm 3pronged Disk On There Supsd2B Rubber Stoprs?

1998mustangv6 makes noise when a/c off. sound cums 4rm 3pronged disk on there supsd2B rubber stoprs? - rubber truck bed mats

As recently, it took the AC set. works very well, but the other day, was by coolant, the car in neutral, and I heard an awful noise. It seems that someone is draggin a string in the bed of a truck. I looked under the hood and saw this CD is moving so fast and pressing the pulley part. and then when I stopped. and the rotating disk. which has three points, so it was as necessary to replace the part. but are not cowards. I thought we who so I tried to tighten the screws. it does not work, they just came. What is it? Should I buy rubber stoppers for this? or replace the entire disk? Seat belts are functioning well, the air works well. The only noise and the fear it will cause damage or blow the correct


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