Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dogs Vigina Pictures I Have A 5yr Old Female Pug, And Recently She Has Been Discharging A Greenish/yellow Mucus From Her Vigina?

I have a 5yr old female pug, and recently she has been discharging a greenish/yellow mucus from her vigina? - dogs vigina pictures

I realized that I noticed in the last 4 days I have it licked it (Venn), often day and night. until I realized yesterday when I went for a walk always green / yellow and thick, has its Mucos Venn (like mucus), left, and yet he has only a few aujourd 'hui again today left for the hike. It is not after castration and the last time you had your time is in January. She acts normal, very playful, a standard diet, drinking water, no different from the ordinary. Anyone can help, I will send to your vet next week, but I wonder whether anyone who has ever had a dog and this is what is and what it does and is somewhat automated email invitation system.


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