Friday, December 25, 2009

Hip Hop Shoes There Were "hip Hop" Shoes That Had A "gothic" Theme To It? Can Anyone Help Me Name Their Brand?

There were "hip hop" shoes that had a "gothic" theme to it? Can anyone help me name their brand? - hip hop shoes

About half a year to Finish Line, had shoes that are completely different. Among all the other focused on hip-hop shoes like Nike, there were a few mistakes. In my opinion, they had a hit "Gothic" them. They saw "Hip Hop"-ish than white, with the design of the shoes, but the design of the image has blood splatter everywhere. The other was black, but green stitching seams. Similar to the other place where such a thing as Hot Topic. I want a pair of white with the design of blood, but can not remember the brand. Does anyone know the score? I was visiting the websites of shoes, but can not find the mark.


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