Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hollow Eyes Treatment Do You Know Any Treatment For Black Circle Under Eyes?

Do you know any treatment for black circle under eyes? - hollow eyes treatment

I do not know who could explain it. but in my eyes is black and hollow. I am 37 years old. I dont alcohol, tobacco, snuff or a bad habit. Thank you anyway


kind said...

They are a manifestation. if they try. and take calcium-rich foods. Tablet ostocalcium or take .... Chiew 2 tab.daily

Memo HG said...

You try to sleep regular hours per night

Memo HG said...

You try to sleep regular hours per night

bdat40oz said...

In fact, I had help with Visine circles. Visine, the only narrow blood vessels and can also be used anywhere on the skin to reduce redness on elsewhere, even in the poor. Reduce the redness in any case see less purple. Try it out. I also heard Preparation H works, although I've never tried, but uses the same principle as Visine chrinking in blood vessels. So just live with it, it may well be part of the families that make the body. Except for yourself, who you are.

reds said...

I've heard that apply creams for the eyes, or the night b4 u go to bed or work in the morning u wake up I prefer the Mornin cause u can rub the cream into your eyes when your sleepin 'but I never tried to so I do not know whether it is for some, but it does not hurt to try fortune 2

Lucky said...

Hear and potatoes are thin slices of cucumber on closed eyelids, absorbed the excess water is that the bags used.
Spoon in the refrigerator for 10 to 15 minutes, enough time to get space cool.Then the bottom of his luggage, and that should help.
Reduce salt intake, drink plenty of water, sleep on their backs.

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