Saturday, January 16, 2010

E-mail Confidentiality Clause What Is The Confidentiality Of A Depression/suicide E-mail?

What is the confidentiality of a depression/suicide e-mail? - e-mail confidentiality clause

I've heard that the Samaritans send and reply to them within 24 hours. What happens if you see something that could be fatal, but it should not or, and you do not know?
I really can not say my parents, but I fear that we already received, and I do not know what to do. (sorry if it does not make much sense)

It is said that counts "only if unable to make rational decisions for themselves" or "get a court order to disclose information." What does this mean? I do not trust giving information to foreign sources or the government.
And we can really help at this point? I think my life is pretty f **** D at this point, because if my parents know I hate them for the rest of my life. I do not really think that my parents hate me, if I find something I do not say know.
Has anyone done this before, who knows?


Gabe said...

If the thought of hating not clearly reported suicide in his letter of yoru capable of "rational decisions for themselves and. Custom their parents. But do not break my heart if you try in the emergency room doctors to save his life. 've been there. "s no sense. exp worst of my life, and I am glad to get help

Alissa said...

Hello, please include information on the 3rd blue button.
If you are pregnant or an STD? It could be very far from here, but I think we can all contribute to a better, if we knew what the problem was.

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